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Listen Live New Album: Lien on Your Soul


Staci Butler dreams of playing music. Literally. If she’s away from it from too long, nights are filled with epic visions of playing and singing her blend of blues, rock, and pop, to an audience of light and shadows. Once the front woman of Staci’s Edge, a Houston Press "Best of Houston 2010" nominee, Staci has released the solo effort "Lien On Your Soul" to a crowd of fans eager to hear new music from the artist who bears her personal sorrows and triumphs so openly.

Delivering original songs with catchy melodies and hard driving guitar riffs, Staci’s music is inspired by life experiences, as cliché as it may sound. Tackling breast cancer (of which she is 10 years cancer free), reminiscing on a love long lost, embracing the superhuman feelings associated with motherhood, and so much more, Staci reaches her audience with content everyone finds relatable and a delivery that is raw and heartbreakingly honest. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Bonnie Raitt, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Susan Tedeschi, and Norah Jones, Staci was “singing as soon as she could talk.” Adopted at birth, knowing only that her biological mother played piano, she belted out Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton at perfect pitch knowing this innate ability was “natural and part of something inside me.”

“When I met my birth family, everything made sense,” Staci recalled. “My great grandmother was a piano teacher, several of my aunts and cousins were concert pianists and my grandfather’s nickname was ‘Sing.’ I started playing keyboards in a band through meeting my birth mother too.”

Answering a call obviously meant for her, Staci began guitar lessons at Houston’s Rockin’ Robin. An employee took notice and she joined a band playing bass and lead guitar (one of the few females to do so), as well as background vocalist. After 10 years, and an album release, Staci bowed out of Houston's music scene to start a family. Two years later, Staci’s world was rocked by a breast cancerous diagnosis. Showcasing a fighting spirit, she battled through 10 months of chemo and radiation therapies while working at Shell Oil Company, attending school on a fulltime basis (she rescheduled chemo to walk at her graduation ceremony) and raising an infant child.

Powering through these challenges with grace and heart, Staci’s received a clean bill of health and took hold of a new lease on life. Seizing an opportunity to be truly happy, Staci’s Edge was born out of a determined inspiration. Looking back now, ten years later, Staci acknowledges cancer, and its overwhelming obstacles, reignited a fire to make music.

"I was so grateful for a new chance at living," says Staci. “Suddenly, what anyone thought didn’t matter and my whole way of thinking changed. Insecurity about my music was gone and I saw that I needed it to be happy.” Staci’s searing guitar riffs beautifully compliment her fresh, indie-rock melodies in ways that are nothing short of innovative. Charismatic and expressive as a live performer, Staci has connected with audiences at several noted Houston venues including Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Hard Rock Café, House of Blues, The Concert PubNorth, Last Concert Café, Cypress Saloon, Stereo Live, The Mink, Acadia and more. She has shared the stage with legendary acts Styx, Foreigner, Don Felder, and Eric Martin of Mr. Big fame.

While the road for Staci has been long, and not the one most traveled on a path to a music career, this singer, songwriter and guitarist has finally found her voice! Building a sound and identity that is indicative of strength and compassion, Staci’s solo effort exudes confidence and courage. Welcoming the growth that comes with life, Staci sees that people experience the world differently and is more considerate to the unknown struggles of many. “I couldn’t always put myself in another’s shoes; I didn’t have a lot of empathy, I guess,” Staci surmises. “Being a survivor is always on my mind and my perception changed radically. I find that I now try to help others in ways I couldn’t before; it’s not just in the lyrics in my songs but emotionally and spiritually as a person and a friend.” Staci’s dreams are different now too. Aiming to expand her musical horizons, she notes that “after cancer, I can do anything, even make a country music record, if I want. The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless.” www.StaciButler.com

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